SafeWay Construction Overview


Safety First, Quality Always

Welcome to SafeWay Construction

Our construction company’s services span multiple levels of the Civil Engineering landscape.
We are an experienced provider of Drainage Services, Pipe Laying, Excavation, Roads and Infrastructure, Project Management, Labour Hire, Liquid Waste Management and Haulage.

Most of our work is based around Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Boasting decades of experience and a passion for outstanding work, SafeWay Construction has an impressive track record of completing successful projects in all our fields of endeavour.

While all our projects are unique, they are similar in many ways. Therefore, we strive to gain the same consistent set of goals in every job we complete:


  • Listen well to our client’s needs and concerns, whilst communicating effectively with all members of the project team.
  • Apply strengths of experience, resourcefulness and creativity  to all project challenges.
  • Execute time efficiently throughout the construction phase.
  • Hand Over a well built and enduring project.
  • Establish long-term relationships with our client, the project team and the community as a whole, which we strive to improve.


At SafeWay Construction safety, security, teamwork and commitment are more than just words. They represent our core values and the quality we strive for every day.



At SafeWay Construction, we accept that the avoidance of accidents is our moral obligation. Our safety efforts are based on our belief that every working person is entitled to a safe and healthy place to work. Responsibility for the health and safety of our team goes beyond basic compliance with the laws. The responsibility is shared within every level of the company. We recognize that the safety of our team, property, the general public and also the environment are paramount to the successful completion of all projects we undertake. Safety is not secondary to our work, it’s how we work.


Our Mission Statement

Delivering infrastructure projects to benefit our communities.


Company Values

  • values-safetySafety First
  • values-qualityQuality Always
  • values-commitmentCommitment to all employees
  • values-integrityIntegrity
  • values-unityUnity
  • values-satisfactionCustomer Satisfaction


Whether it’s Drainage Services, Project Management, Roads & Infrastructure or Liquid Waste Management, SafeWay Construction will deliver your project goals successfully, on budget and on time.

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